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  • Flatbed Trucks For Sale & Lease

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    Salinas Valley Truck Center

    (888) 846-3691

    Salinas, CA USA

    Flatbed Trucks

    Flatbed Trucks - Your Trailer is Always There!
    We are dedicated to being the source for top quality new and used trucks, trailers, parts and accessories. Few pieces of equipment are more useful than the flatbed truck. Combining the maneuverability of a work truck with the hauling capabilities of a flatbed trailer, the flatbed truck is a mainstay of many construction or transportation fleets due to its flexibility. Easier to navigate through traffic and jobsites alike, the flatbed truck possesses the benefits of a trailer without the inherent drawbacks of pulling a separate piece of equipment behind a truck. And, storing a trailer is no longer a concern when using a flatbed truck - your trailer is always there!

    We Carry All of The Big Names in Flatbed Trucks
    You'll see all of the big manufacturers represented - International, Freightliner, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and AM General, to name a few. Whether searching for a used flatbed truck, or a new flatbed truck for sale, hundreds of unique models are available for you. Ford's proven F-550 series with the optional Powerstroke Diesel motor and heavy-duty transmission is popular among those needing some serious muscle in a compact package. Freightliner, one of the most respected names in the semi truck market, offers flatbed trucks with formidable capability - big diesel power and heavy-duty overdrive transmissions. International Navistar - a name synonymous with diesel manufacturing, offers a wide variety of flatbed trucks for sale. Their 4300 series is a wildly popular model among those looking for power, reliability, multiple bed configurations, and value. And AM General, famed maker of the US Army's Hummer Utility Vehicle, is popular among those looking for a vintage hauler with serious diesel muscle - backed by a bulletproof Allison transmission.

    Search For Your Next Flatbed Truck Today
    Capacities and dimensions of flatbed trucks do vary greatly, so it is wise to browse our extensive selection of these vehicle and then reflect on the job requirements you'll throw at it. Looking for a light-duty hauler with the maneuverability and flexibility to move both materials and people effectively? A Ford F-350 crew cab flatbed might be the answer. Have serious hauling concerns to deal with and need more of a heavy-duty vehicle with substantial Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR)? A Freightliner is a medium to heavy-duty answer to those who haul for a living. No matter which flatbed truck best suits your needs; you can bet that Next Truck will have the vehicle you've been looking for. Using our simple and intuitive search tool, the new or used flatbed truck for sale that you've been looking for will be only a click away!