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  • 2000 INTERNATIONAL 4700 Specialty Tank Trucks

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    2000 INTERNATIONAL 4700

    • Specialty Tank Trucks
    • 69,871
    • Automatic
    • Not Listed
    • Not Listed



    Auction Details

    Ebay Motors


    09/01/2016 - 12/31/2016

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    General Specs


    Engine & Driveline




    Detailed Description

    For complete listing information please select the Click To Bid button to see this item on eBay. This is a very nice spray rig. The spray equipment is virtually brand new, with less than a season of use on all components. We are selling the truck since we contracted with a company to do all of our spray applications and for no other reason. All spray equipment is enclosed in truck body. This was a nationally branded spray truck body that was re-painted, re-worked, re-configured and re-plumbed to be much improved over it's original configuration. Everything was done to be up to the standards we set as a company and to be compliant with all safety regulations. You will be very happy with this truck and would be hard pressed to find one equally equipped without spending big money. This truck is being offered for sale at less then the cost of the upgrades. If any more information is necessary feel free to contact. Included are the following:TRUCK:2000 International 4700, with only 69781 miles, well maintained. Truck body was repainted, all proprietary logos and lettering are adhesive based and will be removed prior to sale. The truck body in addition to housing the tanks listed above has ample additional floor space to hold spreaders, bags of granular products or other supplies and tools. Included is a rack to strap in a back pack sprayer. The truck is automatic, the transmission is occasionally a little rough shifting, it was checked out be a transmission shop who said it could be adjusted but it isn't a problem. TANKS: 300 Gallon Main Tank plumbed to a manifold that allows filling of any of the auxiliary tanks. The fill pipe to the main tank has an air gap separated fill pipe to prevent chemical back flow into water supply, it connects with quick connect fittings. 210 Gallon Auxiliary Tank75 Gallon Auxiliary Tank15 Gallon Conical Mixing TankBoth intake and outflow manifolds have been installed to allow transferring of liquids between any combination of tanks or supplying the spray gun from any particular tank. Only the 300 Gallon Main Tank has a designated fill pipe. 45 Gallon Tank In addition to the tanks mentioned above, there is also a 45 gallon tank mounted on a stand. This tank is not connected to the pump but rather was designed to fill back pack sprayers through an attached clear plastic hose. This tank is elevated on a stand and is operates by gravity feed to fill the backpack sprayers. This tank also has an air gap fill pipe to prevent chemical back-flow into water supply designed to be used with a garden hose with a supplied quick couple.PUMP:The manifold connected system is powered by an electric start 20 HP Honda GX630 engine powering a Hypro Corp 725 PSI pump with pressure regulators. A 15 gallon fuel tank was fabricated to supply the engine with gasoline, eliminating the need for frequent fill ups. HOSE REEL AND SPRAY GUN:Electric rewind hose reel with full compliment of high pressure hose and attached spray gun is includedSAFET