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  • 1952 GMC NOT SPECIFIED Specialty Trucks

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    • Specialty Trucks
    • Not Listed
    • Not Listed
    • Not Listed
    • 152-22P-14676



    Auction Details

    Ebay Motors


    10/01/2016 - 12/31/2016

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    General Specs


    Engine & Driveline

    Detailed Description

    For complete listing information please select the Click To Bid button to see this item on eBay. I am relisting my 1952 GMC 3/4 ton long bed pickup due to non-payment. It is a great truck with a lot of character to it and will be great for someone who wants an Advanced Design truck for a rat rod project or full restoration. It is a very solid and complete truck that needs a lot of the common bodywork done to it. I believe that most of the patches mentioned below can be bought for under $65 (each) from online parts websites like LMC or Classic Industries.PLEASE READ THE WHOLE LISTING BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONSTRUCK HISTORY:I bought it from a guy who found it on a farm. The story is that it has had two previous owners. The second bought it in 1979 and started to restore it. It was kept inside until it was 'found' this year. I bought it with the intent of doing a resto-mod but it is beyond my means to do it.Please look carefully at the pictures. The truck is being sold as-is. Here are my non-professional observations of the truck to try answer any conceivable question that I would want to know as a buyer:FRONT:The front has very little rust. The hood is in great condition other than needing some screws for the passenger hinge which I tried to show in the pictures. It will still open unsupported and close flush for hauling. You will need to replace the fenders if you do not like bondo (around the headlights) or else you can just buy patches for the back bottoms where there is some rust along the edge. The grill has dents and the remains of an extra grill (pictured in the bed) can be included in case you want to do something creative with it. CAB:There is a little rust at the very bottom of the cab corners that you can buy patches for repairing. The cab beltline (the seam across the back of the cab) has some surface rust that looks like it will clean up easily. There is the typical window replacement that needs to be done. Someone had used well-fitted plexiglass to fix some of the panes. The outer cowl panels have the common warping from the doors getting slammed forward with the drivers side having had some bad patch-up work done to it. Again, it is an easy and relatively inexpensive panel to replace. Inside, the fire wall appears very solid. The floorboard has been patched, the dashboard and bench seat are in great condition, there is a new rubber floor mat, and the (new) gas tank is disconnected.TRUCK BED:The truck bed sides are rough where bed trim attaches to the sides which is typical of this design. I don't think that they can be used for a full restoration but it may be ok for a rat rod project. The fenders have the usual dents from being a farm truck with some rust on the front edge that can be fixed with a fender patch. The tailgate is probably best used as wall art. The bed is sheet of plywood.ENGINE:The engine is the original straight-6 cylinder that was supposedly rebuilt 30 years ago. The person I bought it off chose not to attach