The Life of a Truck Driver

 The life of a truck driver isn't easy. In fact, the majority of the 3.5 million truck drivers across the nation work long hours, manage grueling schedules, and forgo many of the luxuries that the average American worker takes for granted. For instance, truck drivers tend to drive up to thirty hours per week more than the average American works and can labor up to 14 hours per day between driving time and the unloading of cargo. Many truck drivers find themselves out on the road during weekends and holidays and frequently drive during nights and in inclement weather.

 A vast majority of truck drivers deal with health related problems due to a sedentary lifestyle, poor quality food choices, and limited access to consistent health care. Some do choose to exercise frequently, but the demands placed on an over-the-road trucker tend to limit these activities. Simply put, our nation would grind to a halt if truck drivers didn't do what they do best - cover an average of 105,000 miles per year and collectively move more than 9 billion tons of cargo annually. Truckers move America, and helps truckers find the best new and used trucks for sale.

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