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Gamache Truck Center is the best truck center to buy and sell used heavy trucks, light trucks, trailers and specialty vehicles. Browse through our complete inventory of quality used trucks. With over 45 years of experience and with more than 700 used heavy trucks to choose from, you can be confident to find the right truck for your needs.... More Info
Annual Registration per Truck: $737 * Diesel Fuel Tax: 15 cents * Gasoline Tax: 14.5 cents * Highway user Fees per Truck: $2,583 * Speed Limit: 70 mph All Vehicles * Registered Commercial Vehicles: Truck Tractors: 87,629, Trailers: 229,092 * For more information on our Products and Services visit More Info
Online Auctions of Government Surplus. GovDeals provides services to various governmental agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items via the Internet. Each participating agency has its own auction rules and regulations and may be subject to state and local ordinances.... More Info