American Radiator

  • 1616 NE Broadway
  • Des Moines, IA USA 50313
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For more than 35 years, American Radiator has served as a leading distributor of truck radiators and reliable replacement parts for semi truck trailers, ag equipment and more. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our professionals are proud to offer a complete line of automotive heating and cooling products.  A lineup that includes your heavy duty radiator, automotive AC condenser, charge air cooler, diesel particulate filters and more. In addition to heavy truck parts, American Radiator offers radiator repair services in our Des Moines location.  With our in-house radiator repair shop, our technicians are able to perform radiator analysis, radiator rebuilds, radiator recores and custom fabrication. We even perform DPF cleaning in our state-of-the-art radiator repair facility.