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  • Cab & Chassis Trucks For Sale & Lease

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    Cab & Chassis Trucks

    Cab and Chassis Trucks Are Flexible and Customizable

    Some companies are best served by a standard truck that has been built to accommodate most business types. For those outfits that have a more specific purpose in mind, though, the flexibility of a cab and chassis truck is undeniable. Cab and chassis trucks are comprised of two separate components that permit a multitude of design options. The first part is the cab, which is designed to give the operator a comfortable place to conduct business and can serve as the office in the field for many. The other component to a cab and chassis truck is the exposed chassis rails that comprise the frame of the vehicle. While many vehicles have this area covered up by a flatbed, cargo box, or crane assembly, cab and chassis trucks leave it up to the owner to determine the best course of action.

    New or Used Cab and Chassis Trucks For Sale

    We know that flexibility and the ability to build the chassis to the specific job at hand is vital. For this reason alone it is important to have a massive inventory of units to choose from. On any given day, you may browse from over a thousand cab and chassis trucks that are unique and offer their own specific capabilities. Some of the most common applications for these vehicles are: delivery fleets, construction equipment hauling, towing rigs, and ambulance chassis. The options are truly limitless, as each owner can customize as they see fit.

    The Most Popular Models of Cab and Chassis Trucks for Sale

    Freightliner, International, Mack, and Ford are four extremely popular models of cab and chassis vehicles. When searching for new or used cab and chassis vehicles, Freightliner is a worthy option. Freightliner vehicles are a common sight across our nation's highways and have proven to be both durable and reliable. The Freightliner Business Class M2 Series of cab and chassis trucks is a prime example of the versatility of this type of vehicle. With a variety of engine and transmission choices, plus numerous options for chassis lengths and configurations, the M2 series can be adapted to just about any role. Looking for a Caterpillar Diesel, short wheelbase, and an automatic transmission? You're bound to find it! Maybe a Cummins diesel, 10-speed transmission and long chassis length is what your crew needs to be the most efficient on the jobsite.

    International and Mack are both names synonymous with semi trucks and vocational trucks. They are also known the world over for producing rugged and reliable cab and chassis trucks. With a variety of engine, transmission, and cab and chassis configurations, International and Mack are both top choices in the cab and chassis realm.

    Ford is also among the leaders in this field and offers trucks that lean more on the medium-duty scale. Most popular Ford cab and chassis units utilize the venerable Powerstroke diesel motor and select shift automatic transmissions. Available with 4 wheel-drive and truly refined cabs, Ford trucks bridge the gap between consumer-duty vehicles and a true work truck. For the outfit looking for comfort, refinement, and the power and capacity to tackle most jobs, Ford is the way to go.

    We Are Your Destination For Cab and Chassis Trucks
    We have been the destination for heavy trucks and equipment for decades. Use our sophisticated yet simple search tool and uncover our massive inventory of new and used cab and chassis trucks for sale. Buyers and sellers of trucks and equipment have been connecting through our site for years. Let our inventory and the expertise of our sellers turn into your next truck!