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The Engine Is The Heart Of The Truck

For any truck, big or small, the engine is the heart under the hood. It goes without saying that a truck may be old or new, sophisticated or simple, but without an engine, it is simply useless. If you own or operate a truck that is in need of a new engine, or an engine overhaul, consider investing in a new or used truck engine for sale through our site. If the engine in your rig has completely malfunctioned, there are two basic options. The first involves having a diesel mechanic complete a rebuild of your existing engine. This is a time-consuming and expensive process. This also leaves you completely non-operational while the rebuild is under way. The second option is to swap the tired engine for a new or quality used motor. A competent shop can usually complete this job in a matter of days, and can get you back on the road earning money. The choice usually comes down to economics, but one advantage of a total motor swap is the ability to install an upgraded engine that may provide better power and economy.

What Engines Are Available Today?

There are several manufacturers who design and build engines for trucks and heavy equipment. One of the most popular is Cummins. Cummins diesel engines are found in massive earthmovers, powerful bulldozers, long distance tractor-trailer rigs, and even consumer-level pickup trucks. These engines are world-renowned as top quality and high performance. The Cummins ISX line of diesel engines offers 400+ horsepower (some have been tuned to over 600 horsepower) and a bulletproof reputation for quality. They are an easy swap for many trucks that came standard with Cummins engines. Most of these engines come with a warranty that can range from a few months to several years.

Caterpillar (CAT) offers a deep line of diesel engines - most popular of which has to be the C155 engine. This 15.2L diesel engine is not only incredibly powerful, but it also boasts some of the cleanest emissions specifications among its contemporaries. The C15 generates approximately 440 horsepower in standard trim, and is available in upgraded versions that boast even more power.

A selection of engine parts, such as harmonic balancers and engine mounts are also available. New engine mounts might be necessary when installing an engine that wasn't the original equipment installed by the manufacturer. Harmonic balancers and dampeners are wearable parts that must be replaced or catastrophic engine vibrations can occur.

Find Your New or Used Engine Today!

We specialize in connecting you to the trucks, trailers, accessories, and parts that you need most. When searching for a new or used truck engine, you'll notice that our sellers and advertisers offer a broad selection of available makes, models, and configurations. These engines are frequently offered with a warranty, and can help breathe new life into your trusted heavy-duty truck. We make finding your new or used truck engine easy!