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  • Glider Kits For Sale & Lease

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    • DETROIT 12.7L 60 Series
    • 10 Spd
    • 3.55
    • 500
    • - Truck History Information
    • 193"

    Glider Kits - Just in! 12.7 Detroit, no Emissions! (No DPF, DEF or EGR) Low Low miles T800 Extended Cab! Call today! More Info

    7E Sales

    (877) 708-0297

    Palmetto, GA USA

    Glider Kits Allow For Powertrain Customization and Cost Savings

    A glider kit is a unique opportunity for those who need a heavy-duty truck but want more control over the specific powertrain that they want in the truck. The phrase "glider kit" comes from the notion that an airplane without an engine is essentially a glider. These units give the prospective owner the ability to install components such an engine, transmission, and rear end gears in the manner they see fit. Have a preference for Cummins diesel motors over other brands? A glider kit will allow you to fit a variety of diesel motor choices -- as well as transmission choices that can provide a significant performance and economy boost to your rig. Your choice of rear end components and rear end gears is an essential decision for your glider kit, as it generally translates to the overall capacity of the tractor trailer.

    Who Offers Glider Kits Today?

    Freightliner, known around the world as a builder of high performance tractor trailer trucks, is also a major player in the glider kit market. Many of their trucks can be had with contemporary body styles, but come from the dealer with rebuilt engines and transmissions. A quality rebuilt engine or transmission can provide completely reliable performance and is frequently improved or modified upon the original design. In fact, many of the Glider kits available today through Freightliner offer rebuilt Detroit diesel motors with more than 500 horsepower. These trucks can be mated to a choice of transmission, with 13 and 18 speed units reserved for those who appreciate a wide spread of gears and improved high-speed fuel economy.

    We Offer Hundreds of Glider Kits for Sale

    We maintain a network of sellers and advertisers who offer top quality glider kits at phenomenal prices. For years, savvy truck buyers have made the decision to acquire glider kits, saving substantial money on their powertrain package, and adding the ability to customize their engine and transmission choice. For those in the trucking industry, personalization of their rig isn-t just a matter of looks -- rather, the mechanical components under the hood can translate to better reliability, more time on the road, and less overall expense. Your new or used glider kit is just a click away!