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  • Lowboy Trailers For Sale & Lease

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    Lowboy Trailers Haul the Most Serious of Loads With Ease

    Trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Some specialized units are designed to haul certain pieces of equipment, specific material loads, or over certain types of terrain with ease. A normal equipment trailer is designed to move powered machinery over moderate distances in total safety. For significantly larger loads, like full-sized excavators, bulldozers, or extremely large building materials or supplies, the lowboy trailer offers a few key benefits over a standard equipment trailer. First, the drop neck or gooseneck hitch style allows for a stronger connection and increased load carrying capacity. This is important, as a standard hitch connection isn't strong enough to handle the tongue weights associated with larger trailers and heavy equipment. The other benefit is the exaggerated drop deck, which allows for large loads to be carried on the highway , remaining under the typical 12-foot height restriction. This deck enables the lowboy trailer (aptly named) to maintain a lower center of gravity when loaded, which gives the driver a better sense of security.

    Who Are the Big Makers of Lowboy Trailers Today?

    Trail King, Fontaine, and Kaufman are three major OEM's of lowboy trailers today. Trail King, based in Fargo, ND, offers a massive line of trailers. With trailer weight capacities covering the 6,000 lb. to 1,000,000 lb. (yes, a million pounds!) range, Trail King truly offers a unit for everyone. With the capacity to haul loads from a mini excavator, to three of the world's heaviest bulldozers simultaneously, Trail King makes serious lowboy trailers for the working world.

    Fontaine trailers, founded in 1945 and now a part of the Berkshire Hathaway group, offers several enhanced models aimed at those that want a little more from their trailer. The Revolution series has built-in aerodynamic aids and substantially lighter weight than competitor's models to net up to 3% more fuel efficiency versus the competition. Fontaine trailers are legendary among those that haul heavy loads for a living and the massive assortment of models makes them applicable to most users.

    Kaufman trailers, based out of Lexington, NC, has a history of making affordable yet over-engineered trailers that are built to provide a lifetime of use. Heavy-duty steel beam frames, one-piece necks, and attractive and functional deck surfaces permit extreme usage with minimal upkeep. Kaufman trailers are affordable and represent a terrific balance of price and feature content. As one of the most abundant trailer makes on the site, you're bound to find the model you need, at a price that fits your budget.

    Search For a Lowboy Trailer For Sale Today, on Our Site Today!

    Lowboy trailers come in all sizes and load ratings. Considering the range of equipment sizes and weights, it pays to research the various trailer specifications before deciding on a unit. Using the our search tool, you can narrow your trailer search down by type of trailer, size of trailer, and make. You can also narrow the search down to include those units near you, or leave it broad and search for the best value across the country. No matter which trailer best suits the needs of your outfit, you'll find it on our site!