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  • VOLVO Trucks For Sale & Lease

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    Why Volvo Semi Trucks Are Class Leaders
    We are dedicated to being the source for top quality new and used trucks, trailers, parts and accessories. When it comes to long distance hauling or low mileage jobs, few names are as synonymous with durability, comfort, and efficiency as Volvo semi trucks. A Volvo badge on the hood means fewer service issues, more power for hauling and towing, and better fuel economy than the average semi truck. In fact, depending on the specific model, Volvo semi trucks may have significantly lower operating costs when compared to many other popular makes and models.

    Volvo Semi Trucks Are Known For Power and Reliability
    You've used our search tool to connect you to buyers and sellers and have narrowed your search down to the reliable Volvo line of semi trucks. What else is there to consider? First is powertrain, and in this area Volvo most certainly delivers. From their own line of refined and powerful diesel engines, to the classic stump-pulling power and reliability of the Cummins diesel power plants, there is a diesel motor available to suit your specific towing and hauling needs. Standard shift or state of the art automated transmissions are available across the Volvo line. Volvo and refined power go hand in hand.

    Known not just for power and reliability, Volvo semi trucks also impress their users with a level of refinement once only thought available in personal use cars and SUV's. Many models are available with energy saving fairings and chassis skirting which route air above and around the cab and trailer. This minimizes air resistance and creates a quiet, hushed environment in the driver's cab. Enhanced fuel economy is a welcomed byproduct of this aerodynamic package. Tremendous power coupled with above average fuel economy is a combination once thought impossible to achieve.

    Upon searching for your Volvo you'll find a wide variety of options to consider. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is one to consider based on the typical towing or hauling requirements of your job. Many Volvos are rated at up to 80k GVWR to ensure that they'll handle the biggest duties with ease. Cab configuration (conventional day cab or sleeper cab), economy packages, and engine/transmission choices are only a few of the parameters you can set to ensure your Volvo is the ideal machine for the way you work. Volvo in Latin means literally "I roll." It's time to let a Volvo semi truck roll into your fleet - you'll be amazed at the capability of this brand of vehicles.